Our Process

The Executive VA Advantage: Our Hiring Process

1. Diagnostic Call: Book a call, where we’ll diagnose your unique needs & create an ideal employee profile

2. Sourcing: We’ll connect you with our team in a group chat, and begin sourcing employees, while providing you with updates during the process.

3. Qualifying: We interview, and qualify each employee according to your dream employee profile.

4. Interviewing: Within the first week, we guarantee 3 interviews with candidates fitting your ideal employee profile. We schedule all interviews your calendar, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

5. Placement: Once we’ve found an employee you like, we send over a basic agreement, and your dream assistant can begin working with you.

The Executive VA Team 60 Day Integration Framework

The first 60 days are the most important part of onboarding an employee.

Our integration process is totally dependent on you. Some clients prefer weekly meetings and coaching with us on best to utilize and onboard their assistant, others prefer to onboard their employees on their own.

We have a basic onboarding framework that ensures the employee seamlessly integrates with your team and company:

  • Week 1: We connect you with your assistant using your preferred method.
  • Week 2-4: We provide weekly follow ups with you and the assistant to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Any additional training required can be provided by us if need be. We will also provide resources to you on how to best onboard your assistant.
  • Weeks 4-8: The employee should be fully onboarded familiar with your SOPs. At this point, we will remain on standby should you anything and continue to follow up with you on a monthly basis.