Effortlessly hire your dream executive assistant in under one week. 

Specialized in working with agencies, coaches, and consultants.

We help founders free up their time, by connecting them to skilled, professional executive assistants, based in Eastern Europe.

When clients hire an executive assistant from us, their feedback is always the same:

“Why didn’t I hire one sooner?”

If you’re looking to spend less energy on tasks you don’t enjoy, so you can grow your business AND you want to bring on an A+ player to your team, we can help. 

Our speciality & passion is connecting busy founders with their dream executive assistant.

How do you know if an executive assistant is the right fit for you?

If you’re looking for basic data entry, you can find an Indian VA for $3/hour.

If you want to hire an employee who can help with higher level operations, or administrative tasks, with a personalized white glove approach, an executive assistant is the right choice.

The Executive VA "5 Day or 1 Month" Guarantee

We’ll provide you with 3 qualified candidates within 5-days, or the first month is free.


Executive VA


STEP 1: Book A FREE Call

To discuss what your unique needs are.

STEP 2: Let Us Work

We'll reach into our pre-screened database of internal candidates.

STEP 3: Interview

Choose from the candidates we've hand-selected.


Eastern Europe?

You get what you pay for.

With Eastern European executive assistants, that means quality, intelligence and people who are willing to work hard.

Eastern Europe is booming, and there are millions of highly-skilled workers, with high levels of English.

Not to mention, they are willing to work at much lower rates than Western workers, while still making an AMAZING salary for where they live.

Everybody wins!